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The exclusive and breathtakingly prestigious luxury event complex, includes two unique arenas that have been meticulously designed, with the intention of creating ultimate exclusive spaces for events that combine an intimate and embracing feeling and an uncompromising atmosphere of luxury.

In addition, we own the best advanced equipment for events. Sound systems and multimedia from the best technology, so that your event will include exactly what you need, and more.

Noma Events is located in the heart of a new business district of Gush Dan. Our location in an accessible and vibrant environment that conveys urban updates.

If you are looking for an event complex with an up-to-date atmosphere, perfect location, advanced equipment and a high service awareness to fulfill your next dream event, let’s meet!

Our two event complexes are:

Noma Gallery: The impressive interior gallery that offers design options for any event style, with up to 150 guests.

Noma Rooftop: The open and elegant rooftop complex, in a classic and refined design for unforgettable boutique events for 200 guests.

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